Dive Watch Test: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial

Recently, our editors went 11 feet under water to test various divers’ watches for legibility, ease of use, and toughness in actual diving conditions. One of these best luxury replica watches UK, all of whose test results were revealed in WatchTime’s December 2012 issue, was the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-axial boasts very high-quality, well-crafted components, which contribute to its considerable sturdiness. The case, made of titanium, suffered only the slightest scratches during our test dive: The faint blemishes were almost impossible to detect on the sides of the case, which are satin finished.

The bezel remained unscathed because it has ceramic inlays like those on the bezel of another watch we tested, the Oris Tubbataha. The numerals and indices on the Omega’s bezel are made of “liquid metal,” a metal alloy with such a low melting point (400 degrees Celsius) that the molten metal can be pressed into the bezel’s notches without damaging the surrounding ceramic.

Steel alloys ordinarily used for men’s replica watches have a hardness between 200 and 240 Vickers, but liquid metal is harder: 600 Vickers. The ceramic used for the bezel is even harder (1,200 Vickers), so after the liquid metal has been pressed into the notches, any excess alloy can be scraped away without marring the ceramic. Omega’s combination of ceramic and liquid metal results in a very hard and finely crafted dive-time ring.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean - front/back

The ceramic on our test cheap Omega replica watches has the same lush blue color as the carefully crafted dial and the rubber strap. With its organic-looking surface and contrasting stitching, the rubber strap looks like leather and makes an elegant impression. It has a sturdy titanium clasp with two safety buttons and an embossed Omega logo.

The bezel is easy to turn, provided the wearer’s diving gloves are no thicker than 3 mm. The rotating bezel clicks cleanly into each of its half-minute settings without wiggling.

User-friendliness is unfortunately not as good under water as it is above. Reading the dive time is extremely difficult because the bezel doesn’t provide enough contrast. But even the time of day can be hard to make out: The hour and minutes hands, both with arrowheads, are so similar that they can be difficult to tell apart in turbulent or murky water. If you descend to darker depths, the luminous paint on the hands is too sparse to assure absolute clarity.

The paint itself shines very brightly and the minutes hand, unlike all the other displays, glows yellow rather than green. The indices are nice and wide, too. These features combine to make the time very easy to read on land both day and night. The poor legibility only occurs under water, so the watch’s legibility received an overall rating of “good” in our test.

Another shortcoming – and one that we found on nearly all of our test watches – is the crystal’s inability to compensate for the peculiar way that light refracts under water. The front crystal is highly reflective: If you turn the top replica watches uk even slightly, the dial you could read a moment ago can change into a totally reflective surface.

This effect disappears entirely when you return to the water’s surface, where you can view the face from the side to enjoy the three-dimensional look of the dial, which has applied indices and an applied logo. We weren’t so happy with the black date disk: It’s the only element that doesn’t match the blue of the rest of the fashion Swiss replica watches.

The date display can be reset backward if necessary, rather than having to move it dozens of days forward. It jumps forward to tomorrow or back to yesterday as necessary when you set the hour hand forward or backward in hourly increments.

The watch contains Omega’s own automatic Caliber 8500, which deserves kudos for its distinctive embellishments and modern construction, including a balance bridge rather than a balance cock, a freely swinging hairspring, and four regulating screws on the balance. The balance spring is made of silicon.  Download the full review here.

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Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime

Breitling introduced its first Unitimer model — a self-winding world-time Swiss replica watches sale, now a sought-after collectors’ item — in the 1950s. At the 2012 Baselworld watch fair, the brand unveiled the updated version, the Transocean Chronograph Unitime, a timepiece that expresses the brand’s classical, aviation-inspired theme with technical innovations and a striking, modern design.

The best replica watches uk features Caliber B05, based on Breitling’s first in-house movement, automatic chronograph Caliber B01, introduced in 2009. In addition to its chronograph functions, this movement (which has also subsequently been used in a Breitling for Bentley watch) is outfitted with a patented mechanism that allows the wearer, when changing time zones, to adjust all the indications simply by turning the crown.

Breitling Transocean Chrono Unitime on strap

The system uses two moving disks, one indicating 24 hours and the other bearing the names of 24 world cities representing the 24 major time zones. The time shown by the central hands corresponds with the timezone displayed at 12 o’clock. The city disk (which is available in several different languages) also has indications for daylight savings times. To change the time zone, the wearer simply pulls out the crown and turns it forward or backward in one-hour increments, which simultaneously corrects the central hour hand, the 24-hour disk, and even the date, which is indicated in a window at 4:30, in either direction. A traveler can then see at a glance what time it is in any other time zone in the world, including his home zone. The central minutes hand and seconds hand will continue to run during this operation without interruption; if the chronograph is switched on, it, too, continues running undisturbed.

The high quality replica Cartier watches is offered in both a rose-gold and stainless-steel case, on either a leather strap or a steel Milanese bracelet. The dial options are black or “polar” white, each with an elegantly rendered globe design in the center, surrounded by sundials for the chronograph counters (at 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock) and small seconds (at 9 o’clock). Like its brethren in the Breitling line, the Transocean Chronograph Unitime is officially certified as a chronometer by the Swiss testing agency COSC. The U.S. retail price is $11,200.

Breitling Transocean Chrono Unitime white dial/bracelet

Technical Characteristics:
Movement: Breitling manufacture Caliber 05, automatic, COSC-certified chronometer; 28,000 vph;
56 jewels; over 70-hour power reserve.

Functions: 1/4th-second chronograph with 30-minute and 12-hour counters; world-time indication;

Case: Stainless steel or 18k rose gold; diameter = 46 mm; convex sapphire crystal, glareproofed on both sides; water-resistant to 100 meters; on Barenia leather, crocodile leather strap; steel version also on steel mesh “Milanese” bracelet

Monochrome Watches Review: Gustafsson & Sjögren Aurora

The Aurora Borealis, AKA the ‘Northern Lights’ are a natural display of light found on the northern hemisphere. If you’ve had the chance to witness them first-hand you’ll know, they are nothing short of spectacular. Streaks of blue, green, purple and yellow light shooting across the sky in mesmerizing fashion. The same effect is achieved with the Gustafsson & Sjögren Swiss replica watches uk due to its Damascus steel features. We go hands-on with number 1 of 5 of the new GoS Aurora, which took inspiration from this arctic sunrise.

The GoS Aurora is named after the Aurora Borealis which in turn is named after a Roman goddess, and the connection between the Swedish brand and Scandinavian heritage is obvious. Damascus steel is being made in Scandinavia for hundreds of years, and the Aurora Borealis draws thousands of tourists to the arctic regions. The team of master blacksmith Johan Gustafsson and master watchmaker Patrik Sjögren tried to capture the essence of the northern lights in the Aurora, which was officially introduced at Baselworld this year. Just prior to the fair we had the opportunity to spend some hands-on time with the very first watch in the series of 5 timepieces.


Overall Appearance

The patterned Damascus steel is the main attraction of the watch, but with the Aurora the steel is used in more than just the case and dial, the movement gets a bit of Johan Gustafsson’s touch as well. The strikingly colored dial catches the eye quickly and its uncluttered design gives full view of the swirls in the steel.

The large size of the case gives the Aurora a great deal of wrist-presence but isn’t too large to bear. People are intrigued by the design of the watch, and the patterns in the steel. When asked what they think it is, most people say “engraved” but on further inspection say “no, it’s something else but what….?” Explaining the process and characteristics of the high quality Cartier replica watches is part of the fun in this business (for us anyway), and there is quite a bit to talk about here.



In terms of actual features, there is nothing here that we haven’t heard about or seen before. Central hour and minutes hand, a small seconds indicator at 6 o’clock and a crown at 3 o’clock are a clear giveaway of the base of the movement; an ETA/Unitas 6498. No harm in that however, they have proven to be very reliable, and Gustafsson & Sjögren have played around with it to set it apart from the generic movement. More on that later…

The traditional methods in creating the steel for the case and dial date back further then the techniques used in watchmaking. They require skill and knowledge that is hard to come by. The greatest feature is not a complication, not some fancy indication of something you need, desire or just lust after. No, the greatest feature is steel, Damascus steel.


Dial and hands

The stainless Damascus steel dial is made with different alloys, resulting in a varied pattern after treatment. The forged steel is acid treated to reveal colors and contrast and by applying this in several steps and methods it brings out variations, mimicking the streaks of light of the Aurora Borealis.

Interestingly, no two dials and cases (or any other Damascus steel part for that matter) are the same. Even though the Aurora is a run of just five watches, you will not find two or more watches that are exactly the same. The dials are selected from one solid ingot of Damascus steel, where the inspiration for the watch is matched with the pattern and colors of the steel in order to get the theme of the dial just right.

Keeping the theme for the Genuine Replica Watches Sale in mind, Johan Gustafsson has to prepare the steel to get the desired result for the dial and cases. If a mosaic pattern is needed, steel is placed in the predetermined pattern. If a “standard” Damascus steel is desired, temperature, selected alloys and the number of steps in the forging process will determine how the ingot and thus the dials will look. For every dial they produce, there is quite a large amount of material discarded.

The somewhat “trademark” GoS hands are done in white gold. The sword shaped hours and minutes hand have been beveled and polished by hand. At 6 o’clock the small seconds are indicated by the triple-drinking-horn. The size of the “hand” make it seem to be rotating quite slowly but at least it doesn’t take away too much attention from the dial.


Case and strap

Any case of any GoS is something unparalleled in the industry. Each case is hand forged and finished by the Swedish duo, and the result is similar to the dials; no two are alike.

The 45mm wide and 10mm thick Damascus steel case feels very crisp and solid. Textures can be compared to something akin to wood-grain, or perhaps even fingerprints. The surface of the case is polished and this results in a sharp contrast between the surface lines and the lower lines that look grained and matte in terms of finishing. The caseback features the GoS logo at 9 o’clock. You will find a flat sapphire crystal on the front and back of the Aurora, treated with an anti-reflective coating. The stainless steel caseback is held in place with eight screws.

The 9mm wide Damascus steel crown is large, especially considering the height of the overall case. Despite the diameter of the crown in relation to the height, the crown doesn’t dig into the wrist like a diamond-shaped crown on an IWC Big Pilot for instance and is a lot slimmer than the Midnight Sun or the Bifrost Isbla. The crown has a modest thickness and a rounded top. The grip is good, which makes for easy and comfortable time setting.

GoS’s Aurora comes on a very smooth, supple nubuck strap. The black leather, finished with fine black stitching, is very soft to the touch. The texture of the strap is slightly grainy, which accompanies the engraved feel of the acid-etched Damascus steel. The strap features a stainless steel buckle, engraved with the GoS logo.



Inside the Aurora ticks an adjusted ETA/Unitas 6498, so it has a traditional central hour and minute hand combined with a small seconds indicator at 6 o’clock. The standard 6498 movement is nothing special to look at, but GoS wouldn’t be GoS if they didn’t add some details to it. The movement of the Aurora is visually enhanced with a main plate and balance bridge of Damascus steel in a steel-grey color.

The parts are mirror polished before taking a plunge into an acid-bath to reveal the pattern. The acid removes surface material ever so slightly from several types of steel used in the forged ingot, while others remain unaffected. Surfaces that need clear tolerances to ensure a solid working movement and accurate timekeeping must be protected from the acid. After the etching procedure, the contrast of the pattern is enhanced by further polishing. The end result is a pattern that is highly visible.


Jeanrichard Vidéo. Terrascope 39mm

— Jeanrichard’s iconic model is now available in 39mm, replica watches UK for men and women.


The new 39mm version of the collection’s iconic model with a steel case, black dial and a black rubber strap is dedicated to men and women alike. It displays a contemporary, understated and original style, enhanced by the refined contrast between a “vertically satin-finishing” and a polished finishing.

The new Terrascope 39mm also offers new models with exclusively feminine designs replica watches for sale.