A. Lange & Söhne Video. 200th Anniversary Ferdinand Adolph Lange

— Ferdinand Adolph Lange was born 200 years ago, on 18 February 1815. This inventor, entrepreneur and politician is regarded as the founding father of the precision Rolex replica watchmaking industry in Saxony.


Saxon watchmaker, inventor, entrepreneur and politician Ferdinand Adolph Lange was born on 18 February 1815. He gave fine watchmaking a new home in Saxony and reformed the tradition-steeped craft. On his 200th birthday, A. Lange & Söhne pays tribute to the eminent replica watches UK pioneer with an anniversary model of the 1815. And the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments in Dresden is dedicating a special exhibition to this acclaimed personality.

The anniversary exhibition

From 18 February to 14 June 2015, the exhibition “Simply perfect – How Saxony became a centre of the watchmaking industry”, at The Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments in Dresden, provides insights into the impressive lifework of Ferdinand Adolph Lange, including some items that have never been displayed before.

The Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments is the cradle of Saxon precision Breitling replica watchmaking and the state’s foremost authority of timekeeping since the late 18th century. It is where the young Ferdinand Adolph Lange encountered the mechanical masterpieces of his era and through them discovered his enthusiasm for horology.

5 Milestone Patek Philippe Watches, from 1868 to Today

1868 — First Patek Philippe Wristwatch

In 1868, Patek Philippe began production of its first wrist replica watches uk sale: an ornate affair with a baguette-shaped, key-wound movement called Caliber 27368. It had a cylinder escapement and eight jewels. The watch’s case and bracelet were made of yellow gold. The dial was protected by a hinged cover adorned with large diamonds; more diamonds flanked both sides of the dial. In 1873, Patek Phillipe delivered the watch to the Countess Koscewicz of Hungary. The watch is now in the company’s museum.

First Patek Philippe Wristwatch (1868)

1925 — First Perpetual Calendar Wristwatch

That this, the world’s first perpetual calendar wristwatch, ever came to be is due chiefly to chance. Patek Philippe originally made the movement, which bears the number 97975, for a women’s pendant watch. Completed in 1898, the watch found no takers despite one interesting feature: its calendar hands jumped instantaneously to the next day at the stroke of midnight, rather than creeping forward slowly, as on conventional calendar watches. The Swiss replica watches stayed on the shelf until 1925, when the growing popularity of wristwatches inspired Patek Philippe to put the movement into a wristwatch case. The watch was finally sold on Oct. 13, 1927.

Patek Philippe - 1st Perpetual Calendar wristwatch (1925)

1948 – Reference 2441 “Eiffel Tower”

This watch, Reference 2441, earned the nickname Eiffel Tower from its lugs, whose flared shape and squared-off ends bring to mind the tower’s bottom section. The Cartier replica watches online, launched in 1948, was powered by Caliber 9-90, a tonneau-shaped movement that Patek Philippe launched in 1934. Reference 2441 is a favorite with collectors, thanks in part to its distinctive and flamboyant case.

In 1997, Patek Philippe paid homage to that case. To mark the inauguration of its new factory and headquarters in Geneva that year, the company brought out a limited-edition watch with a rectangular case with flared lugs like those on the Eiffel Tower. The new replica watches uk also had a name inspired by architecture: the Pagoda.

Patek Philippe "Eiffel Tower" (1948)
1976 — Reference 3700 Nautilus

In the 1970s, when quartz technology was gaining steam, mechanical-watch makers were eager to retain, or regain, consumers’ attention. For Patek Philippe, the Nautilus, introduced in 1976, and designed by the famous Gérald Genta, was a way to do so. At 42 mm in diameter, it was huge by the standards of the day, and had an unusually shaped, water-resistant (to 120 meters) steel case with two odd, ear-like projections on either side. But the most notable feature of Reference 3700, as the first Nautilus was designated, was its price: $2,350. At the time, steel luxury watches were still a rarity. For Patek Philippe, until then known exclusively for its precious-metal dress watches, a chunky, steel sports watch with an eye-popping price tag was news indeed. The best replica watches uk was not an immediate hit, but later became one, earning the nickname “Jumbo” among collectors.

Patek Philippe Nautilus (1976)

2001 — Reference 5002 Sky-Moon Tourbillon

The Sky Moon Tourbillon, Reference 5002, was the most complicated wristwatch Patek Philippe had ever made. It was also the company’s first two-faced wristwatch. One side shows the time and a perpetual calendar, including a retrograde date indicator, day and month subdials, a moon-phase display and leap-year indicator. The watch’s other side shows sidereal time, a star map of the night sky and the angular motion of the moon. The tourbillon is not visible, but its presence is heralded by the word “tourbillon” inside the month subdial. The top replica watches uk also has a minute repeater. The movement, which is manually wound, has 686 parts. When it was introduced, in 2001, the Patek Philippe Sky-Moon Tourbillon was priced at SF950,000 for the yellow-gold version shown here.

Patek Philippe Sky-Moon Tourbillon (2001)

Escapement Watch Review: Graham Chronofighter Oversize

Angus Davies reviews the Graham Chronofighter Oversize on his online Swiss replica watches store magazine, Escapement, The timepiece is a chronograph with a rather unusual carbon “trigger.” Read why Angus delights in this Graham offering, below. 

This morning, I have awakened with a mixture of emotions. I am looking out of my office window and it is wet and miserable, a stereotypical summer’s day in Lancashire (UK). I have had the joy of wearing the Graham Chronofighter Oversize for a couple of weeks and, to be honest, I will be sad to see it go.


I liked the Graham Chronofighter Oversize when we first met, but I can’t pretend it was a profound love at first sight. I thought my romance with very large cheap Swiss replica watches ceased a few years ago. I was mistaken. In the last two weeks, I have grown very attached to the Chronofighter Oversize and don’t want to hand back the press “loaner” model which I have been kindly lent.

At first, I was unsure about the chronograph trigger on the left hand flank of the case. However, it has subsequently sneaked up and seduced me. The carbon trigger begs to be touched and I have found actuating the chronograph a cathartic delight.

I am no stranger to Graham’s predilection for trigger-actuated chronographs. I remember reviewing the Chronofighter 1695 in pink gold and chatting to Eric Loth, the founder of Graham London. I still recall Loth, an engineer by trade, explaining the rationale for fitting a trigger. The thumb is said to be the fastest acting finger, proving the most qualified digit for controlling a chronograph. I have tried operating the stopwatch function without looking down at the best replica watches, and its design and location are intuitive. Its scale and form coax the thumb into position and just feel anatomically suited for measuring an elapsed time while eyes focus on the task in hand.

This watch has a masculine mien; it is a man’s watch, ideally suited for full-fledged alpha males. However, despite its rugged exterior, it has chiseled good looks which elicit amorous glances. Moreover, there are a plethora of delightful design details, making a compelling case for ownership. I often find myself using the word “joy” to describe the Chronofighter Oversize as it makes me smile with its bold aesthetics and bountiful proportions.

The dial:

Graham indulges wearers with an array of dial colors to choose from. My loaner Swiss replica watches sale featured a gray dial canvas with two black, snailed subdials.


A small seconds display is positioned at 3 o’clock and a 30-minute chronograph counter is located at 6 o’clock. The latter subdial overlaps the former. It is interesting that the dial features only two subdials and these are arranged asymmetrically. I like the departure from the norm and applaud Graham for daring to be different.

The hours and minutes are marked with black hands, featuring black Super-LumiNova. They exhibit a stealth-like character, a trait juxtaposed with the overall extrovert personality of the new Breitling replica watches. The hands deliver a green emission in restricted light, an aspect shared with the bold Arabic numerals that encircle the dial and denote the hours.


The central chronograph hand is grey, matching the main dial canvas, but remains easy to see and allows the wearer to readily discern the elapsed seconds.

A circular date aperture is positioned between 8 and 9 o’clock. Graham has been courageous and has sought its own design path which, in my opinion, rewards the wearer with a fresh, thought-provoking and highly practical ownership experience.

The case:

The Graham Chronofighter Oversize is large, as the nomenclature freely declares. It measures 47 mm in diameter and I suspect for some prospective buyers will simply prove too large. Indeed, I was a little apprehensive when I learned of the vital statistics of this all-action horological hero. However, fret not: the top replica watches uk is actually very comfortable to wear.


I once owned a large high quality replica watches uk of similar diameter and while I loved its appearance, I found the crown on its right flank would gouge into my arm, leaving an unsightly red mark after a day of intimacy. Thankfully, no similar plight afflicted my wrist while wearing the Chronofighter Oversize. The reason is that that the crown, trigger and reset button are positioned on the left-hand side of the case. These elements always remain perpendicular to the arm and as a result never gouge or chafe. This is logical, simple, and a very welcome attribute of the Chronofighter Oversize.

The bezel is ceramic and shiny in appearance. It delivers a rich, luxurious note to the exterior of the case and wonderfully contrasts with the steel caseband, lugs and caseback.


Adorning the dorsal flank of the watch, an exhibition caseback reveals the G1747 self-winding movement. The case back is held by six screws and the tapering edge of its form enhances wearer comfort.

A notable aspect of the specification is the strap and pin buckle. The brown leather strap, featuring beige stitching, has a vintage, distressed appearance and is magnificent. While some would-be buyers may select a version of the replica watches uk for sale with a practical rubber strap, I prefer the leather option, as it delivers an abundance of charm and warmth. The pin buckle, presented in polished steel, features a square-shaped pin that interfaces with the rectangular shaped holes, usurping the small circular types ordinarily found on other watches.

The movement:

The G1747 automatic chronograph has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz), features 25 jewels, and delivers a power reserve of 48 hours.


However, it is the finishing that I always obsess over, and the Graham Chronofighter Oversize delivers a pleasing finish, especially considering the attractive pricing.


The oscillating mass is adorned with a côtes de Genève motif, blued screws are much in evidence, and perlage populates the mainplate.

Closing remarks:

The Graham Chronofighter Oversize has been an absolute pleasure to wear. It is a watch I would not have ordinarily selected in passing. However, it is by spending time with it that you become charmed by its many attributes.

There are many small details that deliver delight. For example, the rectangular shaped chronograph reset push-piece has a black, textured motif on its upper surface that is sublime. It is the smallest of details that bestow joy with this 2015 Cheap  Replica Watches UK. There I go again, using the word “joy,” but this expression readily leaves my lips whenever I discuss the Graham Chronofighter Oversize.

Trigger-happy? Indeed I am.

Technical Specification:

  • Model: Graham Chronofigher Oversize
  • Ref: 2CCAC.S01A
  • Case: Stainless steel; diameter 47 mm; water-resistant to 100 meters; sapphire crystal to front and caseback
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; small seconds; date; chronograph
  • Movement: Caliber G1747, self-winding movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4Hz); 25 jewels; power reserve of 48 hours
  • Strap: Brown leather strap presented with a stainless steel pin buckle
  • Price: £4160 (RRP as at 3.7.2014)

Watch Test: Nomos Glashütte Lux

Nomos is known for its affordable manufacture Siwss replica watches. With its white-gold Lux model, the Glashütte-based brand entered a higher price range. Originally published in our June 2014 issue, writer Jens Koch takes us deep into the timepiece and Nik Schölzel and Nomos provide outstanding photography.

For years, Nomos built simple, hand-wound watches and was known for value. Gradually, the company, based in the German town of Glashütte, augmented those basic models with additional features: a date display, automatic winding, a power-reserve display and even a world-time indicator. As it did so, Nomos steadily lifted the upper limit of its price range. The logical next step was gold top replica watches with finely embellished movements – which is just what Nomos provides in the Lux.


Both its case and its movement are tonneau shaped. The outer part of the dial frames the time display in robin’s egg blue. As Nomos points out in a press release, the styling of the dial, including its blue color, recalls a Bauhaus-inspired kitchen clock that Max Bill designed for Junghans in 1957. The blue is a good match for the watch as a whole. It also softens the otherwise severely geometric architecture of slim, straight hands and indexes. (There is also an all-white-dial version of the watch.) The Lux is instantly identifiable as a Nomos: its dial and hands call to mind the Orion, a round cheap replica watches sale that is one of Nomos’s best-known models. The Lux case looks very compact, and the rounded corners and edges feel nice to the touch. The crystal has a slightly convex bulge. Slender stirrups anchor the strap, giving space between it and the case. They conceal sprung crosspieces that can be opened without tools by moving the little slides on the underside of the strap.

The time is perfectly legible. The narrow hands contrast well enough with the dial, but their widths are nearly identical; and the hour indexes are only slightly longer than the minutes  indexes. The watch is very comfortable: the strap feels soft and supple; the buckle isn’t unnecessarily bulky. The high quality replica watches is pleasantly light in weight and no sharp edges can be seen or felt. But with its smooth back, this watch has a tendency to slide around on a narrow wrist.

Nomos offers only two options for the strap: black or dark brown horsehide. The Horween Tannery in Chicago supplies this long-wearing leather, tanned over the course of six months. Nomos also uses this so-called “shell cordovan” leather, taken from the horse’s hindquarters, for the straps on its other models, but the Lux strap is more thickly padded for a fuller look than the straps on the other watches.

The white-gold buckle is new, too. When it’s closed, the rear crosspiece comes to rest atop the strap, where it doubles as a belt loop. This practical detail is a handsome visual echo of the slender strap lugs. Like the case, the clasp is meticulously polished, although scrutiny through a loupe discovered slight tool marks on the buckle’s underside. Careful examination of the case finds milled notches, which help a watchmaker lift off the snap-on back and bezel. The craftsmanship as a whole is quite good.

It’s particularly impressive on the movement. Caliber DUW 2002, made in house, conforms to the tenets of traditional Glashütte watchmaking: it has a three-quarter plate, screwed gold settings, a swan’s neck fine adjustment mechanism and a hand-engraved balance cock. The screw balance and decorations also show signs of excellent craftsmanship: the screws are blued, their heads are polished, and the edges of flat components are beveled and polished. The crown wheel, which is visible through the transparent caseback, boasts a Glashütte sunburst pattern and is positioned at the center of a sunray motif that radiates across the plate. This decoration looks very handsome, but through a loupe one can see vertical stripes left on the plate when the circular graining was milled. A hidden message in cursive writing comes to light when one examines the manual engraving on the balance cock. It reads, “Mit Liebe gefertigt in Glashütte” (“Made with love in Glashütte”). The two directions for fine   adjustment – nach (loss) and vor (gain) – are also engraved by hand. The window occupies nearly the entire caseback, and through it one can read the gold-filled engravings that give the caliber number, jewel count, serial number and company name.

The two barrels are positioned under the jewels, which lack settings. The barrels give the movement an ample 84-hour power reserve. Our tested Montblanc replica watches sale  proved its mettle and kept running for the promised 3½ days.

The Lux has a stop-seconds function that enables the wearer to set the watch precisely to a time signal. Pulling out the crown stops the balance, and hence the seconds hand. The crown is well shaped, making winding and setting easy.


Caliber DUW 2002 is not new. (“DUW” stands for Deutsche Urhrenwerk, or “German watch movement.”) It has been available since 2006, and was first used in a watch marketed under the name of the German retailer Wempe. (The discount replica watches is still available, although Nomos no longer sells movements to Wempe.) Nomos finely adjusts the movement in six positions and according to chronometric specifications, although it is not officially certified. The Lux we tested passed the timing tolerances required for chronometer certification, but only barely: on our timing machine, the daily deviations in the various positions ranged between -1 and +5 seconds, so the greatest deviation among the several positions was 6 seconds. The average deviation was a pleasingly low +1.7 seconds, but the amplitude waned in the flat positions.

The three-quarterplate movement conforms to Glashütte watchmaking traditions.

The price for the Lux, $20,500, approaches the prices that Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne charge for three-handed dress cheap Siwss replica watches. For that sum, you’ll get a fine timepiece, but you won’t get the impressive cost-benefit ratio of Nomos’s basic models like the Tangente. Image usually plays a big role in this upper price tier, and Nomos hasn’t yet earned a correspondingly refined image. Furthermore, the Wempe Chronometerwerke Glashütte, which has the same movement as the Lux, also in a gold case, costs 40 percent less than the Lux.

The Lux also comes in a version with an all-white dial.