De Bethune Only Replica Watches UK 2015

— De Bethune celebrates ten years of commitment to the Monaco Association against Muscular Dystrophy and revisits on this occasion the model designed for the first edition of Only Swiss Replica Watches in September 2005.

De Bethune DBS Pièce Unique Only Watch 2015

Ten years ago, David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet decided to support the Only replica watches for sale project – an auction placed under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco on behalf of research into Duchenne Muscular dystrophy – by creating the first DBS, an incredibly high-tech model with an innovative design.

In 2005, the DBS laid the first foundations of what has now become one of the watch industry’s most innovative and creative R&D labs. Youthful engineers under the guidance of Denis Flageollet have given rise to several unprecedented developments, world firsts and the ten patents filed by the Manufacture since its creation in 2002.

The DBS one-of-a-kind model unveiled in 2015 picks up some of the characteristic design elements of the DBS and is also enriched by ten years of technical innovations.

© De Bethune

The white gold case testifies to a new thought process undertaken by the brand founders in terms of ensuring a wrist Omega Replica Watches makes an ideally comfortable fit, and marked the start of in-depth work on adopting a specific De Bethune functional aesthetic. The cone-shaped lower lugs, along with the 12 o’clock crown, were subtle details that counter-balance the almost imposing size of the model measuring 45 mm across at its widest point.

Continuing this approach, a pivoting gold plate connects the upper section of the strap and the case middle: this was in fact the forerunner of what would later be known as floating lugs – a patented system featuring a spring-type effect that helps adjust to the size of the wrist and its movements.

Calibre DB2115 powering this one-of-a-kind model illustrates the expertise and ingenuity of this “grand” little independent firm through fine innovations such as the self-regulating twin barrel ensuring a six-day power reserve, along with the pairing of the silicon/white gold balance and its balance-spring with flat terminal curve that ensures an ideal mass/inertia ratio and delivers an optimal frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour suited to wrist Breitling Replica Watches.

The dial provides a fascinating window onto the calibre, revealing a wealth of technical and subtly decorated details. Held by a finely grained titanium annular bridge, the silicon annular balance at 6 o’clock performs an endlessly fascinating mechanical ballet. It appears to be suspended in mid-air, standing out against the anthracite deltoid-shaped bridges and delineating a time read-off zone by means of spherical steel indicators hand-polished and blued using the age-old flame-blueing technique.

In a nod to the Principality of Monaco, a touch of red at 6 and 12 o’clock mingles with the blue of the indicators and of the clean-cut hands. The dial architecture features shimmering reflections playing across the various materials: mirror-polished steel, ruthenium-coated Côtes De Bethune and silver-toned minute ring finishes. It is built around the extreme technical sophistication of the sophisticated movement that explores the technical and artistic skills of the Manufacture and celebrates ten years of exclusivity, excellence and beauty.

The ROLEX Replica UK brand confirms its “chronometric” approach

— CEO Olivier R. Müller explains to WorldTempus how Leroy intends to stand out from the rest in the chronometry segment..


“Chronometry” (precision timing) is establishing itself as the backbone of the entire Leroy strategy. While the segment is already quite crowded, Leroy has solid claims in this domain as its CEO Olivier R. Müller explains to WorldTempus. He also signals the forthcoming release of the L300 calibre, to be followed by Grande Complication models, naturally titled “01”.

Leroy is reconstructing its history, as so many others have done based on more or lesser known names from horological hagiography: Julien Coudray, Breguet, Louis Moinet, Emile Chouriet, and shortly Ferdinand Berthoud. The principle behind the endeavour is entirely praiseworthy and can prove successful when the story tells of History and the product is consistent with the brand territory.

Olivier R. Müller has in fact been patiently working on the Leroy territory for the past few years, a process regularly punctuated by concrete signs of progress: relocating production in Switzerland, abandoning the “L.” formerly preceding “Leroy”, a focus on the history of the Leroy lineage, etc. … At the end of 2014 came the choice of an overarching theme for the brand as a whole: chronometry.

The good news is that the theme effectively encompasses its history from Julien Le Roy (1686-1759) through to Pierre (1717-1785). The bad news is that chronometry is a jam-packed field, which is precisely why Olivier R. Müller explains to WorldTempus how Leroy intends to stand out from the rest.


Olivier R. Müller, CEO Leroy.
© Tag Heuer Replica

Why choose the somewhat overcrowded domain of chronometry?

Because we are the most legitimate in this area along with Ferdinand Berthoud, which the Chopard group is set to relaunch soon. Julien and his son Pierre Le Roy are the forefathers of modern chronometry, with creations that were decisive for both deck and marine chronometers. It is indeed amusing to note that the competition between Leroy and Berthoud will thus perhaps be revived three centuries after their initial quarrel.

What do you mean by that?

Berthoud nurtured a firm dislike of Leroy and spent a considerable amount of time attempting to discredit him, indeed somewhat successfully in that certain doubts were cast at the time on Leroy’s creative genius. The quarrel did not however last very long and all historians have admitted over the centuries that while Berthoud undoubtedly implemented a large number of inventions with extremely meticulous care, the grand principles of chronometry were conceived and laid out by Leroy.

So Leroy chronometry should be regarded as more legitimate than others?

It is indeed so by definition. We could have chosen many other fields of expression, such as the marine watch or the self-winding wristwatch, which we also owe to Leroy. But there are already many stakeholders in the latter field, backed by considerable resources. We therefore had to adopt a distinctive positioning consistent with our history. And chronometry is exactly that.

Eight months ago, you indicated that you wished to retain at least one model from the former collections (read our article). Is that still the case?

No, and for two reasons. The first is that our historical models all sold well. In concrete terms, that means that I don’t have any stocks to handle and can therefore guide these models to the end of their natural life cycle without any risk of undue exploitation.

Secondly, it would in fact not have been consistent to maintain these models, some of them equipped with a Vaucher base calibre, in the face of the two Manufacture calibres we have just developed. We have in the past tried to become an all-rounder institutional brand and the result was a total commercial flop. Joining the ranks of niche brands such as Romain Gauthier, Kari Voutilainen, Greubel Forsey and Laurent Ferrier meant starting from scratch.


The new in-house manufacture Leroy L200 calibre.
© Rolex Replica Watches UK

A risky wager…

…but one we were prepared to take. We provided the means to take up this challenge in the shape of our L100 and L200 calibres, entirely developed in-house including their escapements and balance-springs. Chronometry is the story that will drive these and subsequent models.

How will this work?

We are going to have all our models certified by Besançon Observatory. Calibre L300 is almost finished already. In the medium term, we are even planning to return to the field of Grand Complication models with a 01 collection, an obvious tribute to the famous Leroy 01. I will probably have retired by then, but our current roadmap runs to 2022…

All of this will of course depend on convincing the end customer…

I am confident. The theme of chronometry is an authentic sales argument, notably in China and Hong Kong, where consumers regard the approach as being just as important as the certified precision of the model. We are indeed planning to adapt our distribution network accordingly to comprise a maximum of 50 points of sale in the future.

Cheap Replica Omega CEO Stephen Urquhart on James Bond, Modern Moonwatches, and Master Chronometers

Omega Replica Watches is having a big year in 2015, as evidenced by the Swiss brand’s big announcement of its all-new quality hallmark, the Master Chronometer certificate, and the first watch to pass its stringent standards, the new Globemaster; the further expansion of its popular Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon collection; and the release of yet another limited-edition timepiece inspired by the upcoming new James Bond film, Spectre. I sat down with Omega’s longtime CEO, Stephen Urquhart, to get his personal insights into these and other Omega innovations for 2015.

WT: At Baselworld, you announced Omega’s new Master Chronometer Certification and the first Hublot Replica watches to use it, the Globemaster. Would you say that this is as big a game-changer for the brand and its identity as, say, the introduction of the co-axial escapement?

SU: I wouldn’t necessarily compare the two but of course they are both very important. The co-axial escapement was a game changer, as you say, though it was obviously more difficult to explain to the consumer. Nevertheless, it was the result of a mission that we set out to accomplish. [Inventor of the co-axial escapement] Dr. George Daniels decided 20 years before that he wanted to make a movement that used little, if any, oil at all: taking away that lubrication problem was the main aim, and this led us to make our own in-house movement in 2007, a step we might not have taken had it not been for the co-axial escapement. We know now, looking back, that the co-axial movement is a big improvement over the older lever-escapement movements that we used at Omega. The Master Chronometer certification is a little bit different in the sense that we already had the co-axial movement as a base, but now we have something we can actually quantify, namely that we’ve overcome the most important obstacle with the anti-magnetic technology that we introduced. But what makes it special is not just the testing to 15,000 Gauss, which is itself very laborious, but we wanted to increase the number of positions the Omega Replica Watches is tested in and also test it under different conditions of everyday wear. And all the rest of this is possible because of the co-axial technology.

Omega CEO Stephen Urquhart

WT: So for lack of a better description, the new certification should serve as proof that the co-axial technology makes a watch’s movement more accurate?

SU: Yes, without shouting it from the rooftops, I hope that’s what’s going to come out of all this.

WT: You mentioned that it was difficult to express to the consumer what made the co-axial movement special back in the early ‘90s when the first one came out. Is that a little bit easier to express now that the watch connoisseur market is more “mature?”

SU: Yes, definitely. The interest in watches is much bigger now than it was 50 years ago, for sure, and that’s also helped.

WT: Do you know of any other watch brands that make movements with co-axial escapements?

SU: No, and they could if they wanted to. It’s not patented. It’s been in the public domain for 12 years or so now. I’m not sure why they don’t; I think it’s just very difficult to make. We have incredible know-how here and we had the help of George Daniels, as well as ETA and Nivarox, but it still took us from ’92 to ’99 to develop the co-axial because of the very delicate operations involved.

WT: And that technology has obviously become part of this brand’s identity. Is that the goal with the Master Chronometer as well, for the consumer to think that when they’re buying an Omega, they’re not only getting this very accurate movement but also the highest level of anti-magnetic protection?

SU: Well, the magnetism is a problem for Rolex Replica Watches UK that needed to be addressed, maybe more so today. Omega made anti-magnetic watches in the 1950’s, like the Railmaster. That was for the guys working on steam engines and such — massive amounts of magnetism there. At the time, manufacturers would just put the movement in a Faraday cage, as many brands still do today. But today we are living in a different world where magnetism is rampant. Our goal is not just to sell this watch to radiologists so they can feel comfortable putting their hand in the x-ray machine; it’s really for everyday use. I would say at least half of all the problems consumers have with a mechanical watch not keeping good time is due to magnetic fields they encounter in everyday life. Most people don’t know about many of them, like when they’re cooking in a microwave oven or opening a refrigerator door. The idea is to make the consumer feel he’s got a more reliable product, without the bother and the cost of sending a watch back to have it de-magnetized, re-set, and sent back. Let’s make a product that’s meant to last not just decades, but hopefully generations. Let’s make it as easy as possible for the consumer.

Omega Globemaster - white dial - reclining

WT: You’ve also made a point of saying that Omega’s Master Chronometer certification is open to any other brand that wants to submit watches for it. Do you expect that to happen anytime soon, and do you think it would it start within the Swatch Group?

SU: For the moment, no. But it could happen, We’ve always wanted to be very clear that METAS is a federal government Institution, so this certification could never be exclusively limited to Omega or any other single brand.

WT: If the Master Chronometer represents the future of Omega movements, what about the movements inside the Speedmaster Moonwatches, which the brand has long said will remain the same out of respect for this watch’s history? As you launch four new “Dark Side of the Moon” models this year, have you heard from any collectors and fans that they want a more modern movement in there?

SU: We have. We’ve debated about it internally, and to me, both opinions are valid. On the one hand, the idea that it has the authentic, original movement is fantastic. On the other, you can say, look — we’re living in a new era, we’re in 2015, we have to look ahead, we don’t want to live in the past, we want to live in the future. Also, a lot of collectors wouldn’t mind us carrying one with a more modern movement because it might make their original Tag Heuer Replica UK watches more valuable. But ultimately we decided to keep it in there. It’s a nice story, it’s a true story, and it adds to its nostalgic value as a piece of hardware that was used to go to the moon.

Omega DSOTM_4 watches 560

WT:  A new James Bond film, Spectre, opens this year, and Omega has created another special-edition watch for it. How did you arrive at that model for the latest Bond watch and how much input, if any, did the people making the movie have in its development?

SU: In the last film [Skyfall], Bond started off wearing a Planet Ocean and later wore a blue Aqua Terra, so we and Daniel Craig [who plays Bond] agreed that he would wear another Aqua Terra in the new film. And Daniel, who knows a lot about watches, also liked the idea of having an anti-magnetic one — which doesn’t mean that it will be used in some “anti-magnetism” scene in the movie, by the way.

Omega Aqua Terra James Bond SPECTRE Limited-Edition - mood background

WT: So Daniel Craig is a true watch fan himself?

SU: He does know watches, and he loves Omega, which has made it quite easy for us. He owns a few Omegas, including one I’ve given him for his birthday, which he loves, and a 1968 model, and he said he would like to wear that watch. But that’s him, as Daniel Craig not as James Bond. So we made a limited edition — not the same exact watch that we first launched with the anti-magnetic movement, but one with a blue dial, like the watch he wore in the last film, and incorporating his idea of the gun-barrel rotor and the Bond coat of arms.

WT: Besides your team and Daniel Craig, who else is involved in producing these limited editions for each Bond film?

SU: Well there are a lot of players in there, obviously. It’s never been our role to say, “You will wear this.” In fact, from the beginning, it was the Bond people who approached us rather than the other way around.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in SKYFALL wearing OMEGA Seamaster

WT: That was when Pierce Brosnan started as Bond.

SU: Yes, in 1995, they came to us and they chose the Seamaster Diver, because they wanted that look for Bond. And the watch was more or less the same in the first three or four films with Brosnan. In Casino Royale, we introduced the Planet Ocean, which was a little bit due to Craig’s influence, because he didn’t want to have the same watch as the other James Bond — which we, of course, were 100 percent okay with. So they listen to us, but which watch is worn is not really our decision. There are usually three parties involved on their end. Daniel Craig is, I repeat, a watch connoisseur, so he has his opinion, a very strong opinion. Then there is the director of the film, Sam Mendes this time, who is not as detail-oriented as Daniel Craig might be, but he has the big picture in mind of what sort of watch he would like. He’s not going to say he wants a Seamaster instead of a Speedmaster, but in terms of the color and overall look, he has his ideas. And then, of course, there’s the owner of the Bond license, Barbara Broccoli, who has a say as well. She wants Craig to be happy and she wants Sam to be happy, so she’s pretty cool about it. And of course, I want them all to be happy. So that’s the name of the game.

Omega CEO Stephen Urquhart at Omega boutique

WT: A quick thought on the rise of the smartwatch and what that means, if anything, to Omega’s strategy going forward?

SU: The biggest company in the world, Apple, is bringing out a connected Breitling Replica Watches, and they’ll sell millions. This is a no-brainer; we all know that. But I don’t think that any of our potential customers are thinking, “I was going to buy the new Dark Side of the Moon, but I think I’ll buy the Apple Watch instead.” I don’t think it’s the same customer.

Cheap Replica Longines The Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping

— Bertram Allen on Romanov wins the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Paris.


This weekend, the best riders and horses were gathered in the French capital for the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping, the eighth stage of the Longines Global Champions Tour. On Saturday, after a thrilling trial, Bertram Allen on Romanov won the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Paris, followed by Diniz Luciana (Portugal) on Fit For Fun 13 and Darragh Kenny (Ireland) on Sans Souci Z.

For the second year running, the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping is included in the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT), a prestigious 15-stage tour of which Longines is the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper since 2013. In addition, this 5* show jumping event, the highest category in the FEI’s hierarchy, counts towards the world’s ranking of the discipline: the Longines Rankings.


Prize-giving ceremony of the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Paris with Bertram Allen, winner, Luciana Diniz, second and Darragh Kenny, third, Juan-Carlos Capelli, Longines Vice-President and Head of International Marketing and Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, President of the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping.
© Longines Replica Watches UK

This event was the perfect opportunity to discover the Longines DolceVita collection. Since its inception, this line has illustrated worldwide the brand’s contemporary elegance. This year Longines has decided to offer a new interpretation of this collection, subtly combining geometric lines with soft curves.

The Official Replica Rolex Watches of the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping, decorated with diamonds and cased in steel, features a silver-coloured “flinqué” dial adorned with painted Roman numerals. Driven by their quartz movement, the blued-steel hands point to the passing hours and minutes. This timepiece is mounted on a stainless steel bracelet.