Louis Vuitton jewelry watches Cruise 2015

Louis Vuitton presented a jewelry  Discount Rolex Replica Watches collection inspired by the 2015 Cruise show. This collection embodies the daring mix of know-how and creation. It celebrates the multitude of colours and one pattern stood out on several looks, the « Ramage ».

With this collection, Louis Vuitton combines modernity and know-how with the help of « Métier d’art » techniques : a combination of two knowledges, the miniature hand painting and the snow-setting.

In order to express the « Ramage » pattern, the miniature hand-painting technique was selected, as it enables to represent faithfully, and in colour, any Specific Replica Rolex  Watches  details of this sophisticated fabric design. This technique is made by Louis Vuitton La Fabrique du Temps Manufacture. It requires fastidiousness, the miniature painting is applied by hand on the pattern, it takes around 30 hours to the craftsman to paint one dial.

The snow-setting is achieved on the dial to enlight the miniature hand-painting : each diamond is meticulously selected, according to its diameter, as all different diameters must match to create the « snow effect ».

The snow diamond-setting and the miniature hand painting techniques  mix  creates  an optical illusion with luminosity, depth and graphic design. Each model features an alligator strap to match the colours of the dial: pink shiny, turquoise mat, and red shiny.

This  Cheap Classic Replica  Watches collection is now available in the Louis Vuitton ‘s stores.