Artisans De Geneve Grand Bleu Transforms Top UK Rolex Deepsea Fake Watches

Artisans de Genève has dropped modified luxury UK Rolex Deepsea replica watches inspired by seminal 80s film, The Big Blue.

“Grand Bleu” is the result of a customer request to bring out the titular color in their favorite cheap Swiss Rolex fake watches while maintaining its form. Artisans de Genève developed a specific shade, Majestic Blue, which is used across the high quality replica Rolex watches’ movement, ceramic bezel ring and chapter ring.

Each component of the donor luxury Rolex super clone watches’ 3135 movement has been skeletonised and reworked with a mixture of rhodium-plating, circular graining as well as hand polishing and beveling, while its skeletonised plate and tungsten winding rotor gives the Swiss made Rolex copy watches a technical aesthetic.

The open-worked theme and sense of transparency of the AAA best Rolex replica watches throughout the movement is continued with a replacement sapphire crystal date disk. The entire transformation took Artisans de Genève “hundreds of hours.”

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