The New 2022 UK High Quality Rolex Fake Watches: What You Need To Know

There’s a totally rejiggered Air-King and a left-handed GMT Master II with never-before-seen bezel colors. But that’s not all. When you’re talking about luxury UK Rolex replica watches, even the subtlest changes can be a big deal — but this year, we got updates both big and small from across the brand’s ranges.

Here’s what you need to know.

The new GMT Master II is unexpected in a couple ways

This GMT Master II (ref. 126720VTNR) is Rolex’s first lefty watch. Ever. The crown is on the lefthand side, as are the date display and “cyclops” magnifier.

Best Rolex fake watches could’ve simply reached into its archives and pulled out one of the nicknamed bezel designs fans have been clamoring for. Instead, they gave us something without a nickname (though how about “The Starbucks?”).

Swiss made replica Rolex watches is a brand generally associated with green, and it’s an on-trend color, but nobody saw this move coming.

Price: $11,050 (Oyster bracelet), $11,250 (Jubilee)

It’s a new era for the Air-King

We can’t say we anticipated this — until we watched top Rolex copy watches’ teaser video. Still, it’s rather a big deal for the brand to completely overhaul a collection as they did with the Air-King for 2022.

The Air-King (ref. ref. 126900) boasts small tweaks and refinements, but it’s really the Oyster case with its sporty crown guards that gives this perfect Rolex replica watches a niche all its own within Rolex’s catalog.

Of course, its unconventional dial will always be rather polarizing, but the new Air-King feels overall like a cohesive offering — not to mention a proper pilot’s watch.

Price: $7,400

A baby-blue dial that feels very of-the-moment

No doubt: the new GMT Master II and Air-King are 2022 Rolex super clone watches’ key announcements from Watches & Wonders, but release weeks like this always bring welcome extensions to existing collections with new dial colors and the like. This reference 228236 Day-Date comes in platinum with an “ice-blue” dial.

It’s reminiscent of a certain platinum Rolex Daytona, but it also recalls a particularly hot dial color of the moment (Tiffany-dial Patek, anyone?).

We wouldn’t think that Rolex is jumping on the hype of that watch, but it’s especially notable because of the timing.

Price: On request

This isn’t the Yacht-Master we’d hoped for

First, Rolex tested titanium wholesale replica Rolex Yacht-Master watches on Olympic sailor Ben Ainslie last year. Then, the brand hinted at a Yacht-Master in its teaser video yesterday.

We were cautiously hopeful that Rolex might drop its first titanium AAA online fake Rolex watches, but what we got instead was this still lovely Yacht-Master 42 in 18k yellow gold.

We’re not complaining …

Price: $28,300

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