UK Swiss Fake Rolex Chronograph ref. 6238 “Pre-Daytona”

We can’t forget our wild card! Yes, I know; usually, the wild card is number five, but we had to make an exception this time. There would be no Daytona if there were no perfect fake Rolex ref. 6328 “Pre-Daytona.” There is a reason why Rolex fans consider it part of the Daytona lineage. With the ref. 6238, luxury replica Rolex UK moved away from the classic design of the chronographs that came before it. The model was in production from 1962 to 1968. As I explained in an article about the “Pre-Dayton,” the first ref. 6238 models still featured the old-style leaf hands and a transitional dial with diamond markers. Swiss made copy Rolex updated those first dial designs with a more modern dial featuring baton indices and also replaced the hands with baton hands. You will only find the words “Rolex” and “Chronograph,” with the coronet as the 12 o’clock marker on the dial. These design steps took Rolex chronographs from the past to the present. Therefore, the “Pre-Daytona” plays such a special part in best fake Rolex Daytona history.

The 1:1 fake Rolex “Pre-Daytona” features a beautiful 36mm case with pump pushers and an oversized crown. It was produced in stainless steel, 14K yellow gold, and 18K yellow gold. Add the rivet bracelet in the same materials, and you get a stunning-looking chronograph. There were silver, gray, and black dials with tachymeter scales printed on them that all look equally stunning. Inside the cases, AAA quality replica Rolex used two movements for the ref. 6238. The brand started with the legendary Valjoux 72B caliber. The second movement was the Valjoux 722, which was essentially an updated version of the Valjoux 72B. And let’s not forget that this is also a Bond watch. George Lazenby wore a special Swiss movement replica Rolex ref. 6238 UK with a red chronograph seconds hand in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The “Pre-Daytona” is vintage Rolex bliss that can be yours for €45K up to €200K.

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