Rare vintage chronograph #1: UK Luxury Replica Rolex Oyster Chronograph 6034 “Pre-Daytona”

Like RJ, I am not much of a perfect replica Rolex Daytona guy. The design never quite clicked for me. Early ones, however, do speak to me. But what I like even more are luxury fake Rolex chronographs that predate the Daytona era, and here is a nice one. If it’s a rare vintage chronograph you’re after, this could be right up your alley.

This is the UK 1:1 replica Rolex ref. 6034 “Pre-Daytona.” Measuring 36mm wide and powered by the legendary caliber Valjoux 72, this is chronograph history in the metal (stainless steel, to be precise). Interestingly, these came in different variations. This one features fascinating dial printing. Have a look at how the printing of the sub-dial just runs straight through the main seconds track. It is completely messy by today’s standards. The cool thing, if you ask me, is that it makes you wonder how exactly these dials were printed. It is one of the things I love about vintage aaa quality fake watches; they trigger imaginary time-traveling bouts when you gaze at them.

This 1953 Swiss made replica Rolex UK comes on an original beads-of-rice bracelet. Yes, there was a time before the Oyster, Jubilee, and President trinity. It is offered here in the Netherlands by Amsterdam Vintage Watches. The price is a cool €45,000.

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