UK Best Quality Replica Rolex Day-Date “Tridor” ref. 18039BIC

The next oddball pick is very much a “love it or hate it” kind of timepiece. The cheap replica Rolex Day-Date “Tridor” ref. 18039BIC is one of the few references that combines three different kinds of gold in the bracelet with remarkable results. Swiss made fake Rolex introduced the so-called Day-Date “Tridor” in 1977, starting with this reference. Besides the UK 1:1 fake Rolex Day-Date Tridor, the brand also produced several Datejust and Lady-Datejust Tridor references, which are quite rare.

The aaa quality replica Rolex Day-Date ref. 18039BIC stayed in production until 1989 when the more commonly known ref. 18239B succeeded it. The biggest difference between the two was the movement. The Swiss super clone Rolex ref. 18039 was powered by the caliber 3055, whereas the updated 18239 was powered by the caliber 3155 with a double-quickset function.

The standard ref. 18039 was a white gold Rolex Day-Date replica for sale UK that was the foundation for the Tridor model. This colorful variant featured a 36mm white gold case with a yellow bezel and a white gold crown. But the most remarkable element of the super clone watch was, of course, the President bracelet. It featured white gold outer links combined with center links that melded the three different types of gold to create a seamless pattern.

The outer parts are rose gold, the center part is white gold, and the parts in between are yellow gold. The result is something truly special. The Genevan brand kept the succeeding ref. 18239B in the collection until 2000 when it was discontinued, and with its discontinuation, the Swiss movement replica Rolex Day-Date Tridor models disappeared. Expect to see prices between €15K and €25K for these oddball high quality copy Rolex Day-Dates.

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