Is the Platinum UK 1:1 Fake Rolex Perpetual 1908 with a Guilloché Dial Really That Good?

A reference to the year founder Hans Wilsdorf created the brand name Rolex, the very name of the perfect replica Rolex Perpetual 1908 immediately communicated its intentions. It is a watch that pays tribute to the brand’s origins, to its past, to traditional watchmaking. It is, without a doubt, the brand’s vision of a classic dress watch, using most of the codes of the genre. Even though luxury fake Rolex doesn’t really want to talk about it, the new Perpetual 1908 collection was designed to replace the Cellini range (discontinued entirely in early 2023) with a sleeker look but, on the other hand, quite a lot to talk about regarding its technical execution. There was even an open caseback (in the world of UK Swiss made replica Rolex, considered a revolution). The initial collection comprised four models, in white or yellow gold, with matte black or white dials. Discreet editions that were perfect to set the basis of the collection.

Now, the brand gives it a twist with a piece that’s more luxurious, more striking visually, subtly coloured and with a dial that has much more to tell… And it’s been done in a rather unexpected manner, with a guilloché dial.

Let’s talk about the important element in this context: the dial and its execution. First of all, we tend to overlook aaa quality replica Rolex UK as a dial maker. Sure, the dials of many watches – specifically within the professional range – are relatively simple, being lacquered with applied markers in precious metals. Don’t get me wrong, Swiss movement fake Rolex does great dials and the level of precision and refinement is there. It’s just that there’s nothing exceptional in this context. However, Rolex super clone for sale has genuine expertise in dial-making and has worked for decades in the field of rare materials (MoP, meteorites, natural stones) and gem-setting. And remember last year, the puzzling top copy Rolex Day-Date 36 with a jigsaw dial? Well, that was made using a champlevé enamelling technique.

This year, with its Swiss movement replica Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum, the brand introduces yet another traditional decorative craft to the equation, engine-turning. As we explained in this Technical Perspective article, there are multiple ways to create a so-called guilloché dial – traditionally on a rose engine or a straight-line machine controlled by the hand of a skilled engraver, in a slightly more industrial way on a replicating machine with a mechanical lathe, and then in fully-industrialized ways via CNC machining or stamping.

What about the ice-blue dial of the high quality fake Rolex Perpetual 1908 Platinum? Well, as often with the brand, Rolex remains pretty discreet about the processes, but we’ve been told that it was done “the traditional way” using traditional guilloché engine-turning equipment and techniques. While I certainly don’t see a brand of the scale of Rolex manufacturing dials in the way specialized artisans do, the dial of this Rolex Perpetual 1908 fake for sale is done on hand-operated machines employing traditional methods. A closer inspection reveals a texture that has the traits of classic guilloché with visible marks of a cutting tool.

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