Talking Best UK Replica Rolex Watches With Ronny Chieng, Actor, Comedian, And ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent

Ronny Chieng is having a moment. The already busy stand-up comic, Crazy Rich Asians cast member, and Daily Show correspondent, appears in Marvel’s Shang-Chi, which premiered earlier this month and has settled in comfortably at the top of the box-office rankings. Ronny can also currently be seen on Disney+ in Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.

While Chieng is a laugh a minute, he’s serious about his Swiss replica watches choices – with a collection focused mainly on Rolex, Omega, and Seiko. Some of the 1:1 fake watches came from his late father, while others were sought out as part of an enthusiast’s path he credits to watching videos right here.

Chieng’s collection is focused on iconic models from highly regarded watchmakers, but his selections seem to veer one or two clicks away from that which is most predictable. He has two early Seiko 6139 automatic chronographs, but rather than the “Pogue,” Chieng wears the “Bruce Lee.” He has an Omega Speedmaster, but instead of the Moon AAA replica watches, his is the First Omega In Space. And when it came time for travel Swiss made fake watches, Chieng chose a GMT-Master, but rather than the “Pepsi,” it’s a “Root Beer.”

Chieng’s journey began with a humble Seiko 5, purchased online while he was in university, and progressed to his most recent purchase, the GMT-Master, with plenty of great stories along the way. This is your Talking UK replica watches with Ronny Chieng.

Rolex Datejust Replica Watches From His Father

Coming from humble origins, Chieng’s father was a successful businessman working in Hong Kong by his thirties. The younger Chieng remembers this luxury replica Rolex watches most from his childhood and his father. Back then, its modest 36mm size seemed huge. Later in life, after his father started running a farm, he stopped wearing the copy watches for sale, and Chieng asked his dad if he could wear it. Chieng brought the enduring memory of his father to an appearance on Antiques Roadshow that aired earlier this year in which the appraiser traced its serial number to 1984. To me, two-tone best fake Rolex Datejust watches feels about as ’80s as it gets.

Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ Fake Watches

In the middle of the pandemic, Chieng was in Hawaii binge-watching  videos when he decided he needed to add perfect replica Rolex Submariner watches to his collection, but not just any Sub would do. He’d landed a part in Marvel’s Shang-Chi, and the Hulk seemed like as close a connection to the world of Marvel Comics as could be. The green-on-green cheap UK Rolex Submariner fake watches is an example of Chieng’s penchant for choosing slightly off-beat takes on iconic super clone watches for men.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master ‘Root Beer’ Watches

The funnyman’s most recent pickup is the fake Rolex GMT-Master ref. 16753 “Root Beer”, a version of the iconic high quality Rolex replica watches made famous through its use in commercial aviation and partnership with Pan American Airlines. While working in Hawaii for six months on a television show, Chieng’s apartment faced Honolulu’s Pan Am Building. At this point, he was well into 1:1 top fake Rolex watches, so he quite naturally thought “Pan Am – GMT, I’ve got to keep track of time in New York and Hawaii.” And being Ronny Chieng, he wanted a version that was a little bit less expected than a Pepsi. “This is where I’ve really got to stop, with this best quality replica watches … I’ve got to stop watching videos, honestly.”